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Most cross-border combinations either underperform or fail. The main reason is culture. More precisely, the poor integration of cultures. I help companies to integrate in those areas which are critical to their success. My expertise is based on doing this in the Germany-USA space over the last two decades.

I help colleagues to become aware of cultural differences:

Keynote Speeches
Keynotes Speeches provide a broad overview of an important subject. The audience is large and diverse in its makeup. But they all have in common the high relevance of the subject matter. Keynote Speeches are thirty to forty-five minutes in duration. Add to that a Question & Answer period of fifteen to twenty minutes. All Keynotes are customized to the needs of the customer.

Topic Talks
Topic Talks focus on specific subject areas fundamental to cross-border collaboration, such as: communication, decision making, leadership, processes. In Topic Talks we address three questions: Where we differ in our approaches? What kinds of miscommunication and problems can occur? How can we best anticipate and resolve those problems? Topic Talks are customized to the needs of the customer and highly interactive. 

Q&A Sessions
Question & Answer Sessions focus on specific situations in which collaboration is critical to overall success, but where things are not going as smoothly as they should. Q&As have a duration of two to four hours. The goal is to discover practical solutions to concrete problems. All Q&A Sessions are customized to the needs of the customer and highly interactive.

I help colleagues to understand cultural differences:
You are on CI right now. CI is a platform for sustained learning. It offers access to my core knowledge about the American and the German business cultures. Independent of location and time zone. Members of your organization enter, exit and re-enter. According to their priorities, time limits, and attention span. They respond to Surveys and Case Studies. Engage with me and their peers via Ask CI. Read and comment on Stories. Download and use exercises such as Quantify and Combine. 

Management Seminars
Your management leads global teams. Their success is based on colleagues from different cultures collaborating. Management needs to understand the cultural drivers influencing success. We will address them via three questions: Where do we differ in approaches? What problems, and opportunities, do the differences create? How do we get them to work for instead of against us? Method

Executive Coaching
You lead a global organization. Its success is based on colleagues from different cultures collaborating. You need to understand the cultural drivers influencing that success. You and I will address those drivers. I work to your schedule.

I help colleagues to clarify the details of their collaboration:

Collaboration Audit 
An audit is a methodical examination and review. More importantly, however, audit comes from the Latin word audire: to hear, to listen. A collaboration audit is a series of discreet background interviews with your key people at key international locations. The goal is to describe the current state of cross-border collaboration, and to submit recommendations on how to improve it.  Method

Collaboration Workshops
Cross-border collaboration is about how the work is done. These are the key tasks, in critical areas, where the organization must perform well. In carefully prepared workshops, based on the findings of the collaboration audit, I guide your management and subject area experts to an integrated approach to collaboration.  Method   Case Studies