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We explain the differences in how Americans and Germans think, and therefore work:

Management Coaching
You work at the executive level, managing a global organization, whose success is based on Americans and Germans collaborating effectively. In order to lead effectively, you need to understand the cross-cultural drivers. But because your schedule is busy, flexibility is key. Together, you and John Magee will customize a plan to address those topics which are critical to the success of collaboration within your organization.

Management Seminars
You work in and across the American and German business cultures. Mastering the complexities of collaboration is critical to your success. In customized seminars for senior-level management you will understand the influences of cultural differences on your work by addressing three fundamental questions: Where do we differ in our national cultural approaches? What problems and opportunities are created by these differences? How can we minimize the problems while maximizing the opportunities? Method

We improve collaboration between Americans and Germans:

Collaboration Overview
John Magee conducts a series of discreet background interviews. With key people. At key international locations. The collaboration overview has two goals. First, to help John to get a sense for the current state of cross-border collaboration. And second, to enable John to recommend measures to improve that collaboration. Method

Collaboration Workshops
Cross-border collaboration is about how the work is done. These are the critical tasks which the organization must perform well. In carefully prepared workshops, John Magee guides management and subject area experts, to an integrated approach. About how they will collaborate. In the areas of the key success factors. As identified by the client. And refined by John via the audit. Method