One video. Two mins.

CI is based on two principles. The first is scalability. CI is web-based. The web means scale. The second is DIY – Do It Yourself. You and your colleagues can get going with CI immediately.

You are colleagues. Collaborating cross-Atlantic. You want to address cultural differences. The first step is an audit. Done by you and your colleagues. The results tell us which topics to address. Many are already on CI. Those which are not we will research, then upload.  Audit

CI – cultureinfluences.com
You are on CI right now. It offers access to my core knowledge. Independent of location and time zone. As members you can enter, exit and re-enter. According to your priorities and schedule. You can respond to Surveys and Case Studies. Engage with CI and with your peers via Ask CI. Read and comment on Stories.  What you get

Combine Workshops
In Combine Workshops you and your colleagues define how you want to better collaborate on a day-to-day basis. You can do any or all of the ten foundational topics on CI. I will guide you through the first few workshops. But remember, DIY! As an example, see the combine workshop on  Persuasion

Guides and Scouts
I will train some of you as Guides and Scouts. Guides assist teams in implementing CI-exercises. Scouts, with their “ears to the ground”, are an early-warning system about problems in collaboration. We are imbedding into the organisation the ability to utilize CI as a web-based tool and platform.  Guides and Scouts

If you need my support in-person and on-site, I will be there for you and your colleagues. However, only if and when it is absolutely necessary. Remember, DIY! And, only after we have beaten the Corona virus.

Keynote Speeches provide a broad overview of an important subject. The audience is large and diverse in its makeup. But they all have in common the high relevance of the subject matter. Keynote Speeches are forty-five to sixty minutes in duration. Add to that a Question & Answer period of fifteen to thirty minutes. 

Topic Talks
Topic Talks focus on specific subject areas fundamental to cross-border collaboration, such as: communication, decision making, leadership, processes. We always address the three key questions: Where do we differ in approaches? With what influence on our collaboration? How can we convert the differences from a weakness into a strength? 

Q&A Sessions
Question & Answer Sessions focus on specific situations in which collaboration is critical to overall success, but where things are not going as smoothly as they should. Q&As have a duration of two to four hours. The goal is to discover practical solutions to concrete problems. 

This is the classic approach. Think of your favorite graduate-level university course. We will address the three key topics via three questions: Where do we differ in approaches? With what influence on our collaboration? How can we convert the differences from a weakness into a strength?  Seminars

This is the classic seminar approach, but one-on-one. Imagine working in this focused way with your favorite professor. We will address your individual needs and work to your individual schedule. And, as always, addressing the three key questions: Differences – Influence – Conversion.