Learn Discuss Apply

Three videos. Three mins.

Currently we address the American and the German business cultures. Ten foundational topics. Each topic has three parts: Learn, Discuss, Apply.


Learn is where members read and reflect about cultural differences. This is CI’s core content.

Approaches are the key characteristics of how the two cultures think: their logic, tradition, method, their hard-wiring, their self-understanding.

Examples are from various areas of the two cultures. They support the statements we make under Approaches. Examples represent patterns in thinking.

Views are how an approach is perceived – or misperceived – by the respective other culture. Misperceptions are the root of misunderstanding.

Advice are suggestions on how to anticipate misunderstanding.

That’s CI’s core content:

10 foundational topics, 5 key divergences per topic, 6 statements describing each divergence. In total 300 statements: based on my experience, research and work.

Every statement is in the written and spoken form, as text and as audio. And in both languages: English and German.

But that’s not all. There are more than 500 examples which illustrate CI’s core content. And each example is in English and German.


Discuss is where members interact with CI and with other members. It’s discussion that deepens understanding.

Stories are both real and fictional. They illustrate the core content under Learn. Soon members will be able to submit their own stories.

Ask CI allows you to submit questions to CI, and to the entire CI-community. We can learn and support each other.

Surveys are like running focus groups. Case Studies invite us to imagine and respond to concrete situations. Both help us to gain deeper insight into how we think.

All of these – Stories, Ask CI, Surveys and Case studies – give us the opportunity to engage directly with each other.


Apply is where members find guidance on how to make cultural differences work for them.

Quantify is a simple calculation. It helps you get a sense for the influence of culture on your work.

Combine is an exercize. It helps you to apply what you have learned and discussed to your specific business situation.

CI will continue to upload practical and pragmatic exercizes. And their sole purpose is to help you and your colleagues to collaborate.

Folks, there is nothing like this on the web. CI is unique.